Controlled Chemicals Inc. (CCI) is the parent company of:

Cryoguard Corporation – A manufacturer of Thermal Exposure Indicators

Samada Research – A cutting-edge pharmaceutical research company

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Pharmaceutical Research

Samada Research is focused on the development of safer advanced medicines and dietary aides.

* Proprietary processes that are currently used commercially to identify and remove potential carcinogens in pharmaceutical compositions.
* A promising abuse-resistant non-addictive opiate based analgesic agent  (CC-408) in preclinical development 
* Novel anti-inflammatory agents for delaying the onset and progression of autoimmune disease


Cryoguard Corporation is a leading manufacturer of products to ensure quality control for cryopreserved materials.

The company manufactures and distributes a line of subzero temperature sensors called Cryoguard Thermal Exposure Indicators.

Cryoguard Corporation was founded in 1984 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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